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Small Favors X at The Clay Studio

Just one more week for this exhibition! Check it out!


The Clay Studio celebrates the 10th anniversary of Small Favors, an exhibition that challenges artists to work in a different scale. This exhibition provides high-quality artworks at an accessible price to art enthusiasts of all ages, and runs from April 3 – 26, 2015.  

Since 2006, The Clay Studio has held Small Favors annually as a way to engage artists in new and exciting ways by providing a 4” acrylic cube that places a limitation in scale that must be rigorously adhered to (or creatively worked around). For some, the work created is similar to the artists’ normal body of work, although at a reduced scale. Others use this as an opportunity to break away from daily studio practice. Regardless of their choice, the works exhibited are incredibly varied in material, form, and aesthetics.